Adidas Vs. Nike, Which Is Best For Sports Footwear

adidas sports wear

Adidas and Nike are the two leading sportswear manufacturers and expectedly, the rivalry between the two is real and rife. Which one manufactures the best wear, which is the best among the two? Well, truth of the matter is that it’ll mostly depend on your personal taste and preference. Why? Because there are various factors to be borne in mind; in terms of price, quality, marketing and branding wise, endorsements, originality, and so on. Each of the two has its own pros and con and below, Deal Voucherz tries to break down a few things you ought to know about each brand;

Nike;  Nike prides itself of a rich lineage of iconic sportswear like Air Max, Presto, Free, Airforce, LeBron, and many more. Nike has tried to weave and intertwine their brands with legends and Icons; so when you’re putting on a Nike Shoe, you’re living up to the spirit of sports legends and history. When it comes to endorsements, Nike has greatly out shadowed Adidas by endorsing some of the major names in the world of Sports; LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Neymar Jr, Kendrick Lamar and many more use Nike gear.  Nike also leads when it comes to marketing, their popular slogan ‘Just Do It’ continues to be a household phrase and ingrained in popular culture. Nike’s advertisements are enjoyable and fascinating to watch while Adidas’ are hardly compelling.

nike sports wear

Adidas; Adidas is anonymous with originality and their every brand is as unique as they come. They also lead on technology and Nike is always playing catch up game. Adidas has also manufactured some legendary brands like Raf Simmons, Stan Smiths, Superstar, to mention a few. Recently, Adidas partnered with a German firm, BASF, where they incorporated cutting edge technology of using a special foam material on their footwear. Adidas shoes offer stability and comfort, rather than stylishness or marketing hype.  Price wise, Adidas products are surprisingly cheaper; most of their shoes retail in the hundreds of dollars while Nike goes for several thousands. A Nike Yeezy 2 Red October goes for a cool $ 7,500, for instance.


In a way, Adidas leads when it comes to originality, affordability, and durability. Nike on the other hand has more fashion and stylishness into it, if you’re looking to stand out and get noticed then Nike is a perfect pick.  Watch out for fake Nike and Adidas products in the market today, ensure that you make your purchase via a reputable site that deals with original Sports products. Deal Voucherz will help you get not just the genuine, original product, but also enjoy discounts of up to 40% off!