Contemporary Designer Wardrobes At The FCI London Showroom

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Clothes are some of our most important possessions. We actually value our clothes more than many other of our possession.  For this reason, storing your possession and clothes properly is very crucial. Besides valuing our clothes and other possessions, we value our bedrooms. Bedrooms are one of the places we spend most of time in. For this reason, our bedrooms need to be properly arranged.

  • FCI London has a lot of wardrobe designs that would help you organize your bedroom. Since the bedroom is a resting and relaxing place, the environment should be serene. Everything in the room should be properly arranged.
  • Settling for the right wardrobe for your possession can be quite challenging. Many people blindly choose wardrobes, only to find out the wardrobe does not match their needs. The tips discussed below will enable you choose and purchase the right wardrobes;

Factors To Consider When Choosing And Purchasing Contemporary Wardrobes

Interior-DesigningThe items you want to store in the wardrobe; if you have lots of stuff, a bigger wardrobe will work for you.  Check the amount of stuff to determine how big you want your wardrobe to be.

The amount of space you have; if you have big space, you can buy a bigger wardrobe. It can be quite frustrating to purchase a big wardrobe, yet you have a small space. This will end up congesting your bedroom. Since floor space is important, it would be advisable you get a wardrobe that is vertically big, and not horizontally large. But first, ensure that the wardrobe will fit against the wall.

The storage space and racks on the wardrobe; you do not want to purchase a wardrobe that has minimal storage space. The wardrobe should have different racks and compartments to enable you to store your clothes according to your taste. Make a choice whether you need more hanging space or more shelves.  It is recommendable that you get a wardrobe with ample hanging space and shelves.

Consider the design of the doors; some wardrobes have the multipurpose doors, for instance, the doors can serve as a mirror as well. Some doors may feature hooks where you can hang your accessories.  If you have limited space, it is advisable that you get a wardrobe with sliding doors. Hinged doors are more popular than sliding doors. Sliding doors save on space and are more modern than hinged doors. Hinged doors are considered traditional.

Check the color and the materials used to build the wardrobe; Many a times, wardrobes may be made from non-durable materials. It is better that you spend a fortune on a wardrobe that would last long, than save up by buying a cheap yet fragile wardrobe. You do not want the frustration of having to replace a wardrobe after every few months. If you like an organized room, then consider the color of the property in the bedroom and the color of the wardrobe. It should match the color scheme of where you plan to store your wardrobe.

Getting the Measurements Right

Get an expert to help you measure the space you intend to place your wardrobe. Measure the floor space, the wall space and the ceiling space. Merely estimating the space might be disastrous. It is recommended that you get the exact measurements of your space.

After getting the space measurements, get the measurements of the wardrobe you desire. Ensure the wardrobe fits your space.

FCI London has wardrobes in different sizes and designs. You get to choose the size that works for you, and for space you have.

Contemporary Wardrobes from FCI London

fci-LondonFCI London is a top-notch furniture shop located in London. The furniture shop, which has been in operation for over 30 years, values the interior design of your house. FCI London offers a wide range of high quality furniture, and wardrobes are one of them.

If you are looking for a wardrobe that is stylish, durable, and affordable, FCI London has you sorted out. You will get friendly customer service and fitting services for your designer wardrobe.

FCI has professionals that will ensure you get the wardrobe that suits you perfectly. The wardrobe will get to your house safely, and be assembled for you if need be.

There are varieties of contemporary wardrobes you can get from FCI London. The furniture shop offers wardrobes such as traditional wardrobes, sliding door wardrobes, and walk in wardrobes. The designs are so many, you will definitely get your taste in our showroom. The designs are made to fit women’s, children’s and men’s tastes.

The brands of wardrobes we have at FCI London include Cadoro, Caccaro, EmmeBi, Jesse, Logo, Kristalia, Nidibatis, Nolte and Paroda. We have both traditional and modern wardrobes.   It is upon you to get what suites you best. Visit our FCI showroom, or give us a call on +44 020 8961 7780.