End of Tenancy Cleaning

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A useful guide to the cost, benefits, and FAQs

If you are planning on moving out of your rental property in the near future and want to learn more about what cleaning actually involves, how it can benefit you and how to book end of tenancy cleaning in your area then take a look at our helpful guide.

So what is an End of Tenancy Cleaning? 

When you begin your new tenancy, you should find your new apartment or house will be looking the best it possibly can with flawless looking carpets, a sparkling kitchen and a spotless bathroom. This is because the owner, or the previous tenants, would have had a professional clean carried out on the property prior to your move.

Do you have to have it? 

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Everybody appreciates a home that is well presented throughout and looks and smells great. When you move into a new rental property it should be no different. The vast majority of the time when dealing with rented properties, there is a contractual obligation within the tenancy agreement to make sure that you leave the property in exactly the same way as when you first move in.

If the previous tenants do not carry out the end of tenancy cleaning then the likelihood is that you landlord will hold some money back from the security deposit in order to have the property cleaned to an appropriate standard.

What is included in the cleaning? 

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There are a number of cleaning companies that specialise in the change of tenancy cleaning. They are very experienced in this type of clean and know exactly the standard of clean required and, as a result, have a lengthy checklist of items that need to be covered.

They cleaning checklist will typically involve the following;

  • Clean and disinfect all kitchen units and electrical appliances such as oven, hob, fridge, freezer and microwave (both the inside and out).
  • Clean the dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer (both inside and out).
  • Clean, descale and polish bathroom wall and floor tiles, bathtub and showers, all basins, taps and other fittings.
  • Fully dust, sweep and vacuum the entire property and remove any cobwebs from walls, ceilings etc.
  • Dust and clean all door frames, handles and doors.
  • Dust and clean light switches, fittings and shades.
  • Clean the internal windows.
  • Dust and clean all skirting boards, and move furniture such as sofas and beds to clean underneath them (where possible).
  • Dust and clean all window sills, windows frames and windows.
  • Dust, clean and polish all furniture such as dining table and chairs, chest of drawers, wardrobes, bookshelves, etc).
  • Dust and vacuum all soft furnishings.
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop all flooring and stairs.

Can I do the cleaning myself? 

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It is normally a clause of your tenancy agreement to have the property left in the same way as you found it and therefore the property should be cleaned to a professional standard.

It is worth noting that this clause does not force you to have professional cleaners come into your property and you can attempt to clean the property yourself. However, in reality, most of us are unaware of just how much work is involved in a professional clean!

When you check out of the property it will be inspected either by the landlord or a check out clerk. The clerk is experienced in the end of tenancy inspections and will know exactly what to look for. Whilst cleaning may seem a simple task, there are a number of subtle differences between a professional end of tenancy cleaning and an amateur one.

Why spend hours of your precious time scrubbing and polishing only to be told that you have not done it to the required levels and that you will still be charged for a professional clean!

How much does the end of tenancy cleaning cost? 

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The cleaning prices largely depend on the size of your property. Regardless of how regularly you clean throughout your stay, an end of tenancy one is much more in-depth than a typical weekly or fortnightly clean. Larger family properties may require a team of 2 or 3 cleaners which will impact on the overall price.

How can I book cleaners for my property? 

If you are moving out of your rental property and need reliable and experienced professionals for your end of tenancy cleaning then all you need is MyConstructor. Their price comparison booking platform provides you with access to a nationwide network of professional cleaners.

You can read previous customer reviews, check their availability and compare pricing. The marketplace style of the platform ensures that the cleaners compete for your business which guarantees you the best prices possible. Once you have found the best rates in your local area you can book online anytime, 24/7!