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India Tour decoded!

Traveling to India is already jarring and when decked in the pleasures of traveling safely, the fervor multiplies. So, if India travel is your fantasy, then keep these hacks in your pocket. Make your India travel a dream and come up smelling roses from this trip. We told you we have your back. Here you go!


Planning a trip to India? Then, we are sure that you know how the temperature rolls in this country. Still no clue about what we are stating? Don’t worry! Just remember that the temperature in India is always on the hotter side. But, you cannot let it be a hurdle on your India travel, isn’t it?  That’s why it’s always good to be equipped with scarves, sunglasses, light cotton clothing and of course water bottles.

Beating the heat here can also be done by adding a few teaspoons of glucose based beverage mix in thermos flasks. Although adding lemon juice to your bottled water will do wonders, glucose mix is a pretty easy option. Try it and make your energy last the longest.

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Anyone who travels to India is always worried about their security. And, if you are a female traveler, then it becomes a priority.

If you aren’t traveling to India via any travel agency it’s best to buy a smartphone the moment you enter the country. Don’t worry! Smartphones are cheap here plus it will help you book cabs, trains, hotels and that too at reasonable prices. A deal to steal, don’t you think?

While in India there is no chance that you’ll miss the pleasures of traveling in tuk-tuks. While doing so, it’s best to keep your Google maps on the go. Worried about the battery? Don’t worry! Maps can now be downloaded and plus you can always save room for an extra power bank, isn’t it?

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This hack will help you throughout your journey so pay full attention to it. Learn some language essentials. Although, Indians are well-versed with English still, you never know, what might come up. So, isn’t it better to be prepared?

Practice phrases like “Ye kitne ka hai?” (How much for this?) and “Kya Aap English Jante hain?” (Do you know how to speak in English?). For everything else, Google has your back.

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Temple trails of India are the most amazing to follow. Still, it can turn into a nightmare if your expensive footwear is on a stake. Yes, that’s a risk you have to take if you want to drench into its finesse. Although, many places have token systems now but in the most remote areas or not so famous temples it’s still a problem. What to do in this case? It’s simple, keep your footwear separated from each other. Yes, it’s that plain sailing because the thief will then have to look for the pair, and they ain’t got time for that. Simple yet effective, so, make this a habit and you’ll never run out of shoes after a temple visit.

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#5 EAT THE AUTHENTIC- Food hacking

Does your taste buds dance in excitement when you hear the word food? Then, welcome abode to the gastronome wonderland and get the best out of India’s diverse food platter. How? By eating vegetarian, it may sound boring to some but trust us; that’s the real way to enjoy the authentic cuisine and save truckloads of money. We aren’t stopping you from having the non-vegetarian wonders, in fact, we are pushing you to try the real flavor of India. Rest is yours to decide. Happy eating!

#6 CHEAPER AND BETTER – Hacks for shopping

Is your shopping spree always on the high road? Then, what’s better than some shopping hacks that will help you get the most out of your tour? Woohoo!

The best hack is to shop from the local street market. Avoid overpriced souvenir shops. Trust us; you will save a fortune on this one. Because a) the deals are amazing and b) you will get to help people. Who wouldn’t want that?

Also, polish your bargaining skills before you plan to shop. It really helps and that too big-time. You will see its wonders once you get here.

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#7 BELIEVE THE LOCALS – they now it all!

Stuck in an offbeat destination? Then, converse with the locals. They have a solution for everything from directions to stays. The best part is you can lend ear to some amazing folklore too. Woah! Now that’s something, isn’t it?

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#8 UP THE HILL – Trek Hacks

Born trekker? Then, take tiny tea bags with you while you hike to save yourself from stinky shoes. Also, carry water bottles with filters so that you drink fresh and stay healthy. You can thanks us later to make your luxury holidays to India more memorable ones.

#9 HOUSING MEMORIES – Lodging hacks

Lodging can be an expensive affair on a trip to India but you don’t have to worry as you have our hacks to help you through it.

Research for the list of hotels to be booked online. This will give you an upper hand on your lodging experience. Traveling on the off-peak tourist season? Then, double check for the prices with the hotel. Sometimes during the off-peak tourist season, there is a price drop in the hotels. There is a good chance that your dream hotel can be then under your budget.

Plan homestays! They are cheaper and will give you the zest of the culture of that destination. Isn’t that a win-win?


The last hack is to always carry cash. If you are thinking what difference will it make, then believe us it does. That’s because you won’t find many ATMs at offbeat destinations and with a population like India, ATMs are most likely to run out of cash. This brings us to another life-saving hack that will help you not only in India but generally in traveling too. Keep your cash scattered in your luggage. This way the chance for you to lose it all at once is minimum.