Hotel towels For Luxury Bathlinen


Combed Towels

The yarn that has been combed to separate shorter fibers is called combed cotton yarn. It is done to make the yarn stronger and softer. By doing this almost 12-15% of the cotton volume is removed. The result of which is that we get much finer, stronger, higher quality and more durable cotton yarn.

In our Luxury bath towels we prefer to use mostly combed yarns and they are also used as the hotel towels. Because we always want to provide the best hotel towels. This kind of combed yarns are usually preferred in men and women’s clothing especially undergarments.

Ring Towels

Ring towels are of carded yarn production it is same as the combed towels but in this process “combing machine” is not used. That is the reason why carded yarn has beautiful shorter fibers and more hairy appearance. This kind of yarn (carded yarn) are the ideal yarn for terry towels.


Another quality of this type of yarn is its cheapness. Yes! This carded yarn is 20% cheaper than the previously discussed yarn (combed yarn). That is why this yarn is used more than the combed yarn.

Another fine quality of carded yarn is it shrinkage which is much more than the combed one. And this quality is one of the most important aspect of towels and as well as clothes.

The towels in which carded yarns is used are highly enough absorbent and quick and easy dry.

  • The context of color fastness to light and color fastness to was, there is no difference between both the yarns either its combed yarn or its carded yarn.

Open-End Towels

Now if we talk about open end towels it is totally different from the previously discussed ones. Be careful! Open-end towels looks like the ring towels because of their chemical composition which also include silicon. When we wash the towel it becomes clear that what kind of towel it is either open-end or carded one. Because of the reason thatopen-end towels are cheapest ones, that is why they are preferred in promotion towels.

bathing towels

To conclude in a nutshell every towel has its own qualities and own properties and so always go for the towels which are better absorbent, softer and have better fabric.