How to replace Laptop Speakers?

laptop speaker

Ah! Facing yet another problem with the laptop. Though they are highly portable and sophisticated but they keep on inviting some problem or the other. Because of their compact structure they need special attention and care. As such laptops are built with low volume tiny speakers, on top of it, if they go faulty then what needs to be done? Can they be fixed? Is there an option to replace them? Well yes, you can very well replace or upgrade your speakers as you do the batteries and drives. All you need to do is open the entire assembly of your laptop for either fixing them or replacing them. But don’t worry. We’ll make this process quite easy for you. Here we present yet another useful post to guide you thoroughly as to how to replace your laptop speakers.

So either going for speaker replacement or fixing an existing one, follow the instructions below:

Requirements: new speakers (compatible with your laptop), screwdriver, basic hardware knowledge

replacing laptop speaker

Step 1:

Unplug the cord, shut down your laptop. Remove the battery that lies beneath the laptop (slide the release tab near the battery compartment and lift up the compartment thereby finally removing the battery).

Step 2:

Next, come to the section where your laptop’s hard drive resides. Unscrew the compartment of the hard drive, slide out the hard disk with a gentle pull.

Step 3:

Now remove rest of the screws holding laptop’s body. Once unscrewed, lift up the laptop screen separating from laptop’s main body. Be careful of the two wires that are linked to the motherboard.

Step 4:

Remove the two plastic frame which will make the laptop clearly visible. Depending on your laptop, trace the location of your speaker (tip:  follow where the speaker holes are located at the exterior of the body surface) therein lies your speaker internally too.

Step 5:

Remove the screw of the existing speakers from where they rest. Do take a look where they are connected to the motherboard. Disconnect the existing speakers completely and connect the new speakers as the previous ones were connected.

laptop speaker replacement

Step 6:

Carefully but back the plastic frames along with all other components (hard drive, battery) by precisely screwing at the respective spots. Switch on the computer and check out the working of your new speakers.

Either you can replace the speaker by yourself or you can visit your nearby Laptop Repair World to replace it.

Note: Make sure to put all the components back in proper order else apart from speaker everything else will be non-functional. In case of any doubt do take the assistance of a skilled or experienced person.