How to Set Up the EE mobile phone signal boosters

The greatest challenge, after moving into a new space, is a poor mobile signal. When this happens, you definitely have no other option but to purchase a mobile phone signal amplifier. An EE signal booster is the way to go if you need a flawless mobile signal and quality mobile communication. An EE mobile booster is made up of three parts; two antennas and a repeater box. EE signal boosters are easy to set up. If you have been having problems with mobile connectivity in your space for a long time, it is time to give up the hassle by setting up EE boosters in your space (whether at home or in the office).

This prevents situations where someone has to dash outside to get better signal during a call. When setting up the EE boosters, it is important to follow the instructions on the manual religiously.

Below is an easy guide on how to set up the EE mobile phone signal booster in buildings;

  • Locate the best receiving signal from an outdoor antenna. One way to do this is by making use of the booster’s LCD display. Additionally, you can use your mobile phone to test signal bars or even use a cell phone signal meter. Once you have discovered the best receiving signal, set up the outdoor antenna on the building’s top, as high as possible.EE signal Booster for mobile
  • Connect the outdoor antenna to the signal repeater. This is done using waterproof tape to join the outdoor antenna and the cable. There should be a 10-20 m space between the outdoor antenna and the booster unit.
  • Use the signal repeater port to connect to the indoor antenna using a coax cable. The space between the indoor antenna and the signal booster should be 3-5 m. After setting up all the units, inspect them keenly to ensure that the cable connectors are properly fixed before connecting the cable to the power supply.

How to set up EE Phone signal boosters in a car;

For perfect mobile connectivity while driving, there is a need to install a phone booster. The most suitable position to set up the booster is under the driver’s seat. Ensure the place is clean and dry. After that, stick the device firmly, connect the internal antenna to the in-car antenna of the signal booster tightly, and then set up the magnetic outdoor antenna on the car’s top. , connect the external antenna into the outdoor antenna interface and fasten the screws. Lastly, connect the power with the car’s lighter and start enjoying the four bars strong mobile connection on your smartphone.