holiday spots in india

Planning a holiday with your beloved? Then, add some spice to the love that’s already in the air with a visit to India. Why India? Well, romance and India are two sides of the same coin that are very much capable of pushing the throttle button of your love to its extreme. If you are wondering how to go about it, then relax! There are unlimited holiday opportunities you can grab on a trip to India in this genre. From the most celebrated epitome of love Taj Mahal to an ancient temple where passion is no sin, a romantic holiday in India is a godsend pleasure. And, it comes with the tangy flavors of history, culture and whatever makes your heart borderline crazy. Seems like a lightning deal, isn’t it?  We hundred percent assure you it is.

  1. JAISALMER – the royal tint to your love saga

You are the king and queen of your love story, then why settle for less when it comes to bringing your royal dreams to reality?

Paint the golden canvas of sands in the shades of your love at Jaisalmer.  Revel in the magic that waits for you and live your life king size with your better half. Explore palaces, go on a camel safari, shop unlimited and above all make love prosper at the most romantic setting of India. Do it all and do it well, for everything else, here is more information on Jaisalmer.


Diving in loves is easy but diving in the deep seas with your loved one is something not everyone does. So, are you ready to travel leaps and bounds to gift your partner this extravagant opportunity? Yes? Then, trust us; it will be one-hell-of a journey adorned with beach fun and underwater adventure. So, drench in love you guys!

romantic holiday spots in india

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  1. AGRA – the gift of love

Talking about love and missing on a destination that screams love at every inch of its existence is indeed a bummer. Don’t you think?

So, rock in this cradle of love while learning a thing or two about Indian history. Breathe in the air that professes love and bask in the pleasure of one of the Seven Wonder of the World with your significant other.  Fancy a visit? Than, Golden Triangle Tour Packages are perfect for you.

  1. MANALI – the cozy affair

There is nothing better than a cozy date with your loved ones on the laps of snow clad mountains.  Agree? Then, you have to visit this next destination on our list. With the glitter and shines of the Himalayas, Manali is a blessing to all the nature-loving hearts that beats strongly for each other as well. So, concrete your love amidst pine and cedar. More power to your love!

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  1. UDAIPUR –   the shining utopia

Crash on to the city of palaces and lakes, where turning into a poet is a child’s play. Here, your heart will dance to the melodies of the folk music and resisting yourself from getting lost in love will be a task. So, are you in for a lakeside love epic? We bet you are.

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  1. ALLEPPEY – the quaint tone of nature’s keep

Does your world revolve around your loved one? Then, how about a holiday in complete seclusion with your special someone by your side, sounds like a plan to us, what about you? Alleppey is an escape where you can be your own people while still enjoying the best of India. If that is a yes, then, this very escape in Alleppey is ‘the one’ to look out for. Because who gets to float on a houseboat with world-class amenities every day, isn’t it?

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  1. PONDICHERRY – the French kiss

Bicycling through a French legacy while still getting to know the Indian culture closely is one of the best romantic holidays you can bag for yourself. Bask in the pleasures of drinking the perfect glass of wine while surrendering to the balmy winds. Be as it may, Pondicherry is ridiculously romantic and wonderfully traditional. Try it yourself, here, read all about Pondicherry.

holiday destinations in india

  1. COORG – lost in love and wilderness

Feel the zeal to connect with your wilder roots? Then, there is no better place to be in other than Coorg. Decked up with forest covers, tree houses, and unlimited adventure sports, Coorg adventure will please your adventure appetite with a dash of romance. Are you in for that? Very well, read more on Coorg here.

  1. SRINAGAR – Housing love on a houseboat

Promise a lifetime of togetherness at the heaven on earth!

Are you a soul of nature? Then, experience the glory of it at its very best in an establishment that is equally sound. The beauty of Srinagar will come to you swiftly with the charms of the Dal Lake where you can spend hours with the love of your life. Romance is just an understatement of your ambiance, trust us; there is so much more to it. So, get all lovey-dovey while walking through the fascinating Mughal Gardens and many such wonders. Trust us; it is because of these amazements around every corner that make Srinagar a romantically chilled-out destination.

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  1. NAINITAL – a hill hideout for lovebirds

Tucked amidst luscious green hills, Nainital feels like a fantasy staged in heaven. In fact, love is the driving force here that makes this romantic destination what it is. The aura of this place drenches in romanticism and if you want to catch it in its full glory, then the morning scenes are the best to experience that.

The scenic pleasures, adventure fiestas and foremost limitless charms at every inch make Nainital the best destination to travel for love. Do you sign in for that? Yes? Then, read all about many such destinations in Uttarakhand.