Tricks to Clean your House like a Professional  

A clean and dreamy house

Now it’s time to change the regular cleaning routine. Everyone has the mind of they are the best in cleaning their house, but the fact is they don’t. speed clean is differ from hurrying. Many of them missed out on the necessary steps in the cleaning process in the hurries. we got the idea of the cleaning process after tenancy cleaners London. Here we summarized some tricks to clean your house like a professional maid.

After some research, we analyzed how some portions got missed in the cleaning process, and what are the common mistakes arise in cleaning then we created the mind map that will help all women who involved in house cleaning.

Don’t overload your Dishwasher

Don’t put too many dishes in your dishwashing basket. The stacking up of dishes reduces the chances of your dishwasher to reach the vessels with the water. So, your dishes won’t get clean by the appliance.

Don’t use soap for your cutting Boards

Your cutting boards or wooden choppers don’t react with soap and other detergent and warm water. So, don’t use these substances to clean your cutting board. Instead of this, you can allow the cutting board to soak in the bleaching agent after the usage. This will eliminate the particles of meat or poultry slices and keep ready your cutting board for the next cooking process.

Don’t neglect your Touchpoints

silver Door handle

The regular touching points like doorknobs, handles, tap-heads, are the areas easily attracted by germiest. These areas are noticed while cleaning the whole region. So, cleaning the touching points daily to get free form the germs. Use cleaning wipes to clean out.

Don’t spray your furniture

 When you directly spraying your furniture creates dust build-ups and your furniture lost the fresh and new look. Instead of spraying directly on the surface, dip your cotton cloth in the cleaning agent and then rub the cloth on the dirty surfaces. Now you will get a shiny look.

Don’t use the same rag

 Don’t use the same cleaning cloth for all areas. Use different cloths or scratch pads to different cleaning. Your cloth should be washed after every wash.

Keep separate rags for kitchen, bathroom, and flooring to avoid the spreading of germs.

 Use microfiber instead of the feather duster

dust free clear mirror

 Don’t use the tool that spreads dust from one place to another instead of eliminating it. The feather duster is under the category of spreading of dust, so use the tiny microfiber cloth instead of duster to grab all the dust particles.

Don’t store the wet tools

Storing your cleaning tools in a wet condition will be the breeding source for the bacteria. So, make sure to set all the tools der after every cleaning to avoid the bacterial infection. If possible, let your tools in a gem control solution after every wash.

 Empty the Trash can

If you skipped cleaning your trash can you can notice the unpleasant odor in your kitchen area. So, keep cleaning your trash can once in a week with a bleaching cleanser.

Clean your vacuum

 Clean your vacuum after every use, make sure to empty the canister after every use. If you clean the floor with the dirty vacuum the process is not cleaning, it is the pushing up pf dirt around the floor.